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Zammis Fan Club

Purpose: To ensure the happiness and complete sexual satisfaction of the wench known as Zammis
(a.k.a. Parsley McArgh, Wench # 521)

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Membership requirements:

The only requirements for joining the club are that you support the purpose of the club and gain the approval of Mistress Zammis.

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Club Rules:

  • Zammis is always right
  • You will flirt with Zammis when the oppurtunity arises
  • You will not miss any chance to spoil Zammis
  • Zammis is to be treated with love and respect
  • You will not engage in psychodrama, violation of this rule will result in your immediate expulsion from the club
  • You will not be jealous of other members of the club
  • You will bring Zammis coffee upon request
  • Cooperation between members of this club in order to maximize Zammis' pleasure is encouraged
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Dinner With Sam - an example of how to treat Zammis
Geography Sucks, a love poem

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More rangers and even more rangers.