"Geography Sucks"

by Bishop Squarepeg Roundhole, BSR

How do I want to hold thee?  Let me count the ways.

When you are a turtle I'll be the shell.

When you are a small quantity of tuna salad I'll be two slices of rye.

When you are a copper tracing on a printed circuit board I'll be the dab of solder.

When you are an incidental interjection I'll be the pair of parentheses.

When you are a goth I'll be the all-black wardrobe and assorted pieces of jewelry with skulls on them.

When you are an essay written on several sheets of looseleaf I'll be the duo-tang binder.

When you are a buffered analgesic available over the counter I'll be the small plastic bottle and matching child-proof cap.

When you are a symbol I'll be the alphabet.

When you are a sprained limb I'll be the copious length of gauze bandages.

When you are an aeroplane I'll be the hangar.

When you are a +2 magic Elvish sword I'll be the boobytrapped chest (3d6 fireball; successful saving throw vs wands cuts damage in half).

When you are an empty aluminum Coke can I'll be the nearest recycling bin.

When you are Blackbird I'll be the White Album.

When you are Io I'll be Jupiter's gravitational field.

When you are a ponytail I'll be the scrunchie.

When you are 23 I'll be the set of prime numbers.

When you are a giant lucite map of Gotham City I'll be the Batcave.

When you are a wick I'll be the candle.

When you are a disshevelled hitchhiker I'll be the grimy spaceport.

When you are the pineal gland I'll be both cerebral hemispheres.

When you are Coober Pedy I'll be South Australia.

When you are a black diamond run I'll be the mountain.

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