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You have reached my humble home page and more importantly the home of the . . .
If you actually came here looking for fantasy maps than try World Builder Projects or Irony Games. I'll add some here when I have something worth showing off. If you want a map custom made for you then send me an E-mail.

Cartographer's Conspiracy Cabal

Associated with The Flat Earth Society, Clan McArgh, Cult of the Sacred Tentacled Kiwi, Ring of Fnords, Men in Black (#0153), and Fantek.
The world's only organization for Discordian Geographers, currently located in scenic Brunswick, Maryland.

Read our Mission Statement. We are now seeking new members!

The Case for "Idaho" - Some fool who thinks he is on to us, he couldn't be more wrong
(Alan seems to have disappeared from the Web, I swear we had nothing to do with it).

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty

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Gaming every friday night
at the Games Club of Maryland
Silver Spring

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I am free. We are united