Resume of Karl Musser


I have experience using the following software: Atlas GIS, ArcGIS, Arc/Info, ArcView, Idrisi, GRASS, AutoCAD, MicroCAM, Surfer, Access, Informix, Excel, Quattro Pro, Paradox, Db3plus, SAS, Freehand, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Word Perfect, MS Word.
I can program using Macros languages such as AML and SQL and I can write in HTML and Perl. I am familiar with Unix, DOS/Windows, Macintosh, and Windows 95/NT/XP operating systems. I have used GIS in urban and resource management applications.


Work Experience


Non-Fiction Fiction Collaborative works

Web Sites


Examples of my maps can be seen at State of the Land, the DC Urban Ecology Map, Wikipedia, the PBS program Beautiful Tennessee, and in the textbooks Soil Erosion and Corridor Ecology.


Susan Wallace, Paradigm Systems, contractor to NRCS. 301.504.2329
Patty Lawrence, Natural Resources Conservation Service. 202.720.3770
Dave Moffitt, Natural Resources Conservation Service. 301.504.2343
Richard Huzil, formerly KEI, now TNI solutions. 703.307.6948

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