Review Form

This is the review form that I used to help me compare sites.

Title: Name of the site.

Author: The designers and maintainers of the page, if they are given credit.

Organization: The organization, institution, or company that is supporting the site.

URL: The site location or address.

Summary: Provides a brief overview of the site.

Zoom/Pan/Query: Describes if and how well the user can perform these simple functions by clicking on the map.

Layers: Describes the data layer(s) being accessed and whether the user has any control over the appearance of different data layers.

Metadata: Describes what data about the data are present and any documentation on how the site was created.

Cartographic Elements: Describes whether the map includes basic cartographic elements such as a scale, locator map, legend, labels, or map coordinates.

Text: Describes textual explanations or instructions accompanying the map.

Appearance: Describes the visual appeal of the map and any problems with resolution.

Friendliness: Describes how user-friendly or intuitive the site is.

Higher Functions: Describes whether any spatial data analysis by the user is possible.

Multimedia: Describes whether the site has taken advantage of the multimedia aspects of the web, such as using pictures, animation, or sound.

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