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Map making is an art form dating back into the depths of time. Before therewere GPS' (global positioning satellites) , there were maps. It took askilled mathematician and artist to create a precise map, and sailors andnavigators around the world relied on exact accuracy. Maps can be symbolic,imaginary, or just plain useful. But there are too many types of maps todiscuss in one place, so I will concentrate my energies on a single subject:that of fantasy map making. 

Two sample maps

On this page you will be introduced to the fine art of fantasy cartography.Below you should see a list of links. Follow each one of them in turn,and read them carefully, and you should come out with a passable (or evenwonderful) map. I make no guarantees, but whether or not you succeed dependssolely on your persistence rather than talent. (Talent doesn't hurt, though!) 

Table of Contents 


Because maps are one of the most entrancing things within the coversof a good book. Role players, authors, and world builders all use mapsin their work, and I am here to make sure that they are given the chanceto produce quality maps for any of their needs. Anyone and everyone candraw a very respectable map given the time and implementations necessaryfor their undertaking. 

(Note: My maps apply to any situation or need:the style of the map can and should be altered as per it's intended use.For example, one should not draw a simple road map with the grandeur ofa sweeping landscape located in the middle of a place called "Galinoria".The person trying to follow that map would undoubtedly be confused by themountain chain running down 6th street.)  

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